A Hidden Oasis Floating in the Dolomites Helps Recharge and Refresh: Lefay Dolomiti

Kat F
2 min readJul 10, 2022


Imagine stepping into a floating glass house filled with wonder — the ultimate oasis, where luxury meets comfort. A floating body of water with two sliding glass doors leads outside to the most breathtaking view of the Dolomites, and you are suspended between the mountains, relaxing in a spa-like environment. Welcome to Lefay Dolomiti.

Everything from the sleek design to the delicious cuisine and relaxing spa helps families, couples, and journeyers feel like a home away from home, tucked between the mountains.

The 5,000 square meters of natural wellbeing and innovation helps summon the feeling of East and West — blended together to perfection. Lefay SPA is known for its signature treatments, and dark, misty, rooms to simply close your eyes and chill, created by combining traditional massage techniques with the stimulation of body points and energy meridians.

The menu features traditional recipes and contemporary Italian flavors. For breakfast, you can blend your own juices. Using locally sourced ingredients from the pastures and the mountains, you can choose from fresh, organic dishes like wild broccoli, mountain potatoes and white fish sourced from nearby streams.

All in all, if you are looking to get away for summer vacation, or feel cozy in a ski-like resort, this space is divine all year round. It’s also a quick escape from the bustling city of Milan and an easy way to get closer to nature. Please visit https://dolomiti.lefayresorts.com/en for more information and booking.