A Photographer That Captures Unforgettable Moments

It’s always said that your wedding day will flash by in an instant. So, Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production will capture all the details and emotional moments of your special day making you able to relive them forever.

For him, creating the perfect video is about capturing the moments you expect, with the details you don’t — a look of love, a beam of pride, a glimpse of the life you can’t wait to start. He began working with a videographer at 16, filming weddings on the Amalfi Coast — Italy.

Gaetano said: “I do feel that what I am offering is different from the market. Thanks to my experience and filming techniques I always make sure that the brides and grooms can enjoy their wedding day while I work behind the scenes. With the fear of something being missed because not staged, giving them a high-end documentary wedding. My style of wedding films has grown with the years and I have developed my own style and techniques. When I edit the wedding films, I always make sure that I keep the real vibe of the day and I chose the songs considering their culture, style of the wedding, venue, weather etc. Based on all these key elements I make sure that their film matches their wedding day with a unique style.”

Gaetano Di Giacomo Media Production will be able to work behind the scenes, he will make any brides and grooms feel easy knowing that he is filming them. He blends so well with the wedding guests that couples don’t even notice that he is there, so this way Gae will be able to film all their raw and genuine emotions. The business is based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire just 40 minutes from London, but he also has another office in Perugia, Umbria just outside Tuscany where they specialise in Italian Destination Weddings, filming weddings from Amalfi coast up to Lake Como. We believe that couples feel more confident dealing with an Italian videographer who is based in the UK.

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