A Room with a View of the Dolomites is One you Can’t Capture Any Other Way than at My Arbor

Picture you walk into your hotel room and the only thing you see is a glass box extended into the natural wonder of the Dolomites. Welcome to My Arbor: where you are literally held in the middle of an arbor forest of trees and beauty. Even the lobby feels ‘woody’ as you walk through the doors of the hotel. Known as the ‘tree hotel,’ there are many offerings including a cool lobby and restaurant area for drinks and appetizers as well as a full spa.

Choose from a nest, hangout or treetop suite and savor the taste of South Tyrol cuisine while dining. Built on 25-meter-high stilts, the structure blends with the tree foliage. The 104 suites, which overlook the fir trees, make guests feel as if they are suspended amid greenery. Wood, glass, and linen fabrics and stone-look large ceramic tiles blend harmoniously for a warm and welcoming environment.

For more information, please visit https://www.my-arbor.com/en/hotel-bressanone-dolomiti/tree-hotel-southtyrol-italy



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