How One Man Helps with Tax Laws You Had No Idea About

Kat F
2 min readMar 15, 2023

Enter the consummate renaissance man Sniders Jean Jacques and CEO of Black Market Luxury and On The Go Tax and Credit Repair. Born in Haiti, people were always happy, so he never noticed he was poor. After starting his first business at 12 doing yard work, he realized that in America, people are less happy, even with more opportunity. After building up a business and losing momentum, Sniders found himself in prison for two years, was shot while walking a girl to her car and defending her, has fed 15,000 people through Feed America as an inmate, and now built up everything from scratch plus more.

On The Go Tax and Credit Repair was created for the diminishing middle class in hopes to provide jobs and opportunities with expert tax preparation services for both personal and business taxes.

Sniders helps with the tax laws that professionals have no idea about, saving people thousands and the 7202 refundable credit that independent contractors were entitled to, helping others understand the hidden tax process.

He also helps people take control of their lives with a second chance at credit and helps those who have lost the ability to open a bank account, with a guarantee of 700–800 credit score.

You can order employees the same way you order an Uber — one fee for the employee- Which is why Sniders launched the SAME DAY EMPLOYEE program in light of an oncoming recession, allowing millions to find jobs and go through training virtually to improve work-life balance- handling all of the hiring paperwork, licensing, accounting for the employee, acting as a temp agency.

Sniders also invented a breakthrough innovative medical service designed for patients in need of Covid-19 testing and general medical conditions -The New World Testing has over 10,000 testing centers throughout the US and Canada, allowing patients to create listings based on their locations and log into their secured site to look up signs, symptoms, and upload their information.

Sniders says, “I want credit to be something that empowers people instead of being something they fear. Working on credit and saving should be first priority because April and May of next year, our economy will be in shambles due to a full on recession.”

More About:

Sniders worked for Jackson Hewitt when he was 18 for 3 months and helped bring in over 28k with a $600 paycheck. He took that check and started my own tax preparation company ON THE GO TAX SERVICES in Boston MA in 2005. Sniders feed hundreds weekly and are donating back to schools and organizations.

For more information, please visit the following:,, @sniderbusiness @blackmarketl @onthetaxservices @onthegocredit