Intellihot is Making Water ‘Hot’ Again by Offering Greener, Cost-Effective Solutions for Businesses with Tankless Water Heaters

Kat F
3 min readNov 22, 2021


An area that has been lagging on the technology advancement front, includes hotels, restaurants, and office buildings AND the HVAC and hot water systems that power them, using the same dated technology. Why is this important? If a hotel’s hot water heater breaks, hundreds of guests can’t take showers, restaurants can’t wash dishes — the ultimate Yelp nightmare. Commercial buildings need a huge metal tank to supply hot water and builders will install two tanks to ensure redundancy — a highly inefficient system. Did you know Americans waste two million Olympic-size swimming pools of water per day just waiting for the right temperature?

Not only are these tanks wasteful, leak-prone, costly, and a breeding ground for fatal bacteria such as legionella (causing Legionnaires’ Disease), but there has been a lack of innovation until now. Enter engineers Sri Deivasigamani and Siva Askasam of Intellihot Inc. who have changed the hot water game to develop a simpler solution to an everyday problem. With over 100 employees in the Midwest, Intellihot is transforming the water-service industry using cleaner, cheaper, safer, and more reliable sources. By combining AI with leading-edge technology, Intellihot has created tankless water heaters and services such as the telliBot_AI, a water heater forecaster, analyzes output of any hot water heater make and model to determine its health and when it might need to be repaired or replaced which can help businesses avoid down time emergencies and better plan capital expenses.

Intellihot also offers Hot Water 365 which allows businesses to upgrade their hot water systems without capital expenditures. For a low monthly fee Intellihot installs and maintains your system, getting your hot water flowing day after day. No repairs bills, no emergencies.

Sri says, “With a global hot water market of 28 billion dollars, Intellihot’s mission is to turn this corner of the business enterprise green and improve outcomes. Our tankless water heaters provide to 50% in energy savings, take up 80% less space, improve efficiency by up to 70%, saving 3.1 billion plus tons of carbon emissions at zero cost and have the potential to cut global CO2 emissions from hot water and HVAC systems by 50 percent, meeting 2030 sustainability goals.”

Deisvasigamani worked in his garage to build a better water heater system. A motorcycle aficionado, he studiously applied principles of engineering. Intellihot’s models use AI to constantly analyze their own performance, monitoring their output and predicting when parts will need replacing. Instead of worrying about water systems, hoping they don’t quit, owners can relax knowing the Intellihot unit will inform them of any impending issues that could lead to a breakdown. Preventive maintenance can be performed without any loss of service, all in an efficient, environmentally friendly package.

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Intellihot began in 2009, when co-founder Deivasigamani took a vacation to India. After a 30-hour return trip, he stepped into his Central Illinois home hoping for nothing more than a warm shower. Instead, he heard a strange noise emanating from his basement: knee-deep in water caused by a busted water heater. His knack for engineering brought him to the US, where he earned a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Clemson University and took a position with Caterpillar. He rose within its ranks to serve as one of the lead engineers in their marine division. National hospitality companies such as Benihana, Concord Hospitality, and OTO Development use Intellihot, and national brands such as Hilton, La Quinta Inn, Best Western, The Capital Grille, Levi’s Stadium (home of the San Francisco 49ers) are customers.