Is the Doorman Dead Post-Pandemic? This Man’s Job is to Select Who Enters Venues w/ Real Estate Pivot

Kat F
2 min readJul 27, 2021

What happens when you mix a real estate operator with an infamous doorman history? Richard Wheeler is the guy you dread at the door. The one who scans the line from behind his red velvet rope and chooses who makes the cut to enter the hottest venues in NYC. As a real estate expert, his world was turned upside down after the entertainment district went south and hospitality venues went sour during the pandemic. But are these clubs and venues salvageable post-pandemic? Wheeler chimes in from a real estate perspective. He was first drawn to NYC as most of us were, with a dream to become a fashion designer, launching his line, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (iconic tees like “Please Don’t Feed The Models” T-shirt was worn by celebrities), but his claim to fame has always been being the door guy at the hottest clubs and venues, including Lavo, 1Oak and currently, Somewhere Nowhere. After becoming the most well renowned NYC doorman, Wheeler purchased his first small building in Brooklyn, thus Kings Capital was born, with properties mostly in NYC and Hamptons.

Wheeler says, “What happened to nightlife? NYC needs a venue that returns to the old school way of being laser-focused on a room full of nothing but great energy. A strictly curated room with a wonderfully eclectic mix of all people, from all walks of life. Where they all have one thing in common… a desire to be in a room of interesting like-minded people they can meet! A perfect room is one where they can relax and live their fantasies in. A place they can call a second home.”

Kings Capital recently closed on a refinance for $4,500,000 in Brooklyn, a purchase of a property in Soho for $5,500,000. They are actively looking for new assets to purchase in NYC and out of state.

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Richard Wheeler, a native Brit, well-known fixture in the New York restaurant and hospitality industry, moved to NYC in 2000. Today, focusing on his real estate network and knowledge, he undertook sales and leasing. In 2013 founded his real estate investments R&J, later on, to become Kings Capital, LLC. Prior, Richard worked for Strategic & Tao Group. He has been featured in magazines such as the cover of NY Times Style Magazine, ID Magazine, Vibe, Vanity Fair, GQ to Elite Daily and Belvedere. Using his degree, he earned training as a fashion designer back in England and founded The Emperor’s New Clothes. Celebrities and trendsetters wore this clothing brand for over a decade.