Moses Tai: Founder of the #StopAntiWhiteIndoctrination campaign

Kat F
3 min readJan 28


Moses Tai grew up on the Huruma Estate in Eldoret, Kenya’s fifth largest town, in the 80’s before moving to the UK in 2008 to study. After developing his innovative approach to sustainable change through ten years of research, in 2018 he founded African Development Choices, a UK-based social enterprise on a mission to reduce poverty in Africa by empowering communities to make informed development choices. He is passionate about systems change i.e. addressing the root causes, rather than the symptoms, of societal issues.

He is also the founder of the #StopAntiWhiteIndoctrination campaign, which he launched because:

  • He believes that the root causes of the racial divide are about how children are brought up, not skin color.
  • He has suffered more abuse and discrimination because of the way he was brought up from Black people than White people.
  • He is passionate about systems change — addressing the root causes, rather than symptoms, of societal issues.

As the first black man to have suffered more abuse and discrimination from Black people than White people, he is flipping the narrative of blaming White people for the challenges Blacks face in society because it fails to address the root cause of the problem– how Blacks bring up their children. He launched his #StopAntiwhiteIndoctrination campaign after noticing the difference between how Blacks and Whites are brought up, offering a moderate voice to those who are labled racist and pushed to the far right for opposing anti-white indoctrination.

Moses says he does not support Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police or Taking the Knee because they do not address the root causes of the racial divide. According to him, it’s a fact that if any goup of people brought up their children in the same way Black people do, they would face the same challenges in society as Black people do. It’s not about skin colour; it’s about how you are brought up. This explains the prevalence of challenges such as poverty and crime in black communities compared to white communities.

He believes that the way whites bring up children should become a protected cultural heritage because the greatest discovery of the white race is how to nurture children. It is this discovery that makes the contribution of the white race to the advancement of the humanity disproportionately bigger than that of any other race. Anti-white indoctrination is the biggest threat to this discovery and to the advancement of humanity.

What is anti-white indoctrination?
It is teaching a child or adult to feel discomfort, guilt, anguish or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race. Whites are taught they have privilege they do not deserve and have not earned; they are inherently racist and their ancestors uniquely evil. Non-Whites learn they are the victims, held back and oppressed by White people. Whites should not be bathed in racial guilt, and Blacks should not be steeped in racial grievance and resentment.

Moses can be reached via email or the Facebook page for his campaign